I am mother-tongue English, and have almost 25 years' experience translating from Italian to English.

I lived in Italy for around two decades, and make frequent trips there to keep up-to-date.

Quick turn-round. Accurate.

Although my speciality fields are scientific/technical, medical, I am happy to translate literary and general material.

Reader for Pan Macmillan Publisher.

I adhere to the code of ethics of the Translators Association (UK).

Longer translations

  1. Restoration of St. Mark's Bell Tower, Venice 1993-4, Municipality of Venice tender, Feb 1993
  2. Di Vostra Signoria Illustrissima Devotissimo et Obbligatissimo Servitore, (34 autographed letters of Galileo Galilei 1624-1632, first ever release). Translated from the Italian. Special Edition of Galileo Optic Industries, Venice, 13 Sept 1991. UNESCO, Nov 1993
  3. OCCAM (Observatory for Cultural and Audiovisual Communication in the Mediterranean) Feasibility Study, UNESCO, 1995
  4. The Como Declaration on Science, Society and Ethics, UNESCO, 1995
  5. Progetto Venetia, submitted to European Parliament, Municipality of Venice, Feb 1996
  6. Piano Regolatore, Municipality of Venice, April 1996
  7. Genoa and Other Ports, project, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, 1998
  8. Brochure and Series of 64 information sheets, AREA Science Park, Trieste, Italy, Feb 2001, ca 100pp
  9. Publicity/tourism scripts (ca 50 pp), Lucchesi Voice-Overs, London, Dec 2001/Jan 2002
  10. Automatic Switching Exchanges, Telecom Italia, Jul 2002, 70pp
  11. Dispatch of Electrical Energy, ENEL, Italy, Oct 2002, 90pp
  12. Pontifical Academy of Science, The Cultural Values of Science: Scientific Culture and the Ten Statements of John Paul II (chapter by A Zichichi), Vatican City, 2003, Part IV, pp288-330
  13. Herniamesh, surgical protocol, Jan 2005, 22pp
  14. Aurasalus (health equipment), web site, Feb 2005, 98pp
  15. New Living SR (pacemakers) Manual, Jul 2005, 40pp
  16. DiaSorin, Standard Operating Procedures, Feb 2006, 100pp
  17. Piedmont System, pdf brochure, 130pp, Mar 2006, www.sistemapiemonte.org
  18. Sorin Biomedical Clinical Investigation Plan, Oct 2006, 44pp
  19. Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, FVG Intermodal System, set of publicity sheets and brochure, Nov 2006
  20. UNIDO ICS, Coastal Management Training Manual, Jan 2007, 140pp
  21. Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Promoting Improvement of Quality in Vaccination Processes, Oct 2008, 55pp
  22. La Cometa Rossa - The Red Comet, novel (author Chiara Macconi, Hermes pub.), Spring 2012, extract 50pp
  23. Photovoltaic project, Trieste, Jan 2012, 70pp
  24. Portisa (Italy, Netherlands), doors and fittings catalogue, March 2013, ca 50pp
  25. Harm to Human Health from Home/Occupational Exposure to RF, A Levis, Apr 2013, 10pp
  26. Between me and God - A search for the truth, Luca Riccò, Jan 2019, 137pp, ISBN-13 979-1220032179