UK, 1968-1985

BSc, MSc, PhD - materials science
University research and teaching

National Labs, 1980-1990

Editorial and report writing (Argonne National Lab., Illinois, USA; Rutherford Appleton Lab., Oxon, UK)

Italy, 1986-2002

Editor, publicity officer, journalist, translator: report writing, preparation of publicity material, international science news writer, translation from Italian to English, web site creation

UK, 2003-2010

International science news writer, academic language editor, translator, publisher's reader (novels in Italian), web site creator

UK, now

Translator and editor; galaxy cataloguer (hobby)

Experience and projects

now            Translator and editor

Universities of Padua, Italy; CNRS-Paris-Sud, Paris;
APPLE, PD, Italy (Assoc. Radiation-Risk Awareness)

1992 - 2013Science journalist and writer, editor, translator

Science magazine, Washington (contributor from Italy), Physics World, New Scientist, Geographical Mag., Opto & Laser Europe, Sci. Computing World (South Europe Editor 1994-97): Journalist

Universities of Padua, Trieste, Bologna (medical school, psychology dept.): Translator, editor, writer

ASET, RIC International (USA); iCtrl (Netherlands); SmileService Languages, Moretto (Italy): Translator

1996 - 2003Biomedical research team: (Role of polyphenols in preventing tumour growth, Padua Univ., Italy)

1986 - 2002United Nations (Editor, writer, translator)

UNIDO, Internat. Centre for Science & High Technol., Trieste, Italy:
Senior Information Co-ordinator (Editor, web editor, writer, translator) (1997-2002 & 1988-91)

UNIDO, Internat. Centre Genetic Engng & Biotech., Trieste, Italy:
Editor (1995-97)

UNESCO, Third World Academy of Sciences, Trieste, Italy: Editor, writer, translator (1995)

UNESCO, Venice Office, Italy: Consultant editor, writer, translator (1988-97)

UNESCO, Internat. Centre Theoret. Phys., Trieste, Italy: Consultant editor, writer (1986-97)

1981 - 1989Technical editor/writer (x-ray and neutron scattering, nuclear reactors, spallation sources)

Rutherford-Appleton Lab., ISIS Annual Reports (established 1st edn), Argonne National Lab., USA (established 1st edn), Science Research Council Swindon, UK

1975 - 1986 Univ. Bristol, Physics Dept., UK (Research/lecturing)

University lecturer (1985-86); SERC Fellow (1980-82); SERC Research Associate (1982-85); Univ. Research Fellow (1977-80): Researcher & lecturer in materials science - experimental work in UK, France, USA (neutron scattering at nuclear reactors, spallation sources): Harwell, Rutherford-Appleton Lab., ILL Grenoble, Argonne Nat. Lab., USA)

NPL Research Assistant (1975-77): Joint project investigating CuBi alloys using SEM

1974 - 1975 Institute of Physics, Bristol, UK: Journal of Physics C, Solid-State Physics: Assistant editor

Recent presentations

2013 Feb Messing About in Boats (Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant) - Tenby & District Arts Club
2012 May Living in Italy - Tenby University 3A

Other: translate, edit, research, language edit (now/ex)

AREA Science Park, Trieste, Italy
Diocese of Oxford, UK, Communications
Elsevier Science Publisher, Amsterdam & Oxford
Logos, Modena, Italy
Lucchesi Voice-Overs, London, UK
Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford, UK
SIPAL (global engineering), Turin
Taylor & Francis, Basingstoke, UK
Venice City Council
Worldlingo, USA, Australia