PR and Publicity Material

During my work in Italy at UNIDO's technology centre, I was responsible for production of publicity material, as Senior Editor.

This material producted includes speeches, as well as booklets, brochures, posters, calendars and so on.

I also create and/or design web sites. Examples are:

UN's ICS web site, Trieste, Italy 2000;
Abingdon Naturalists Society, 2004;
my own, 2005;
University of Padua, Italy, lecturer Garbisa, 2006.

Selection of publicity material

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  2. Biggin S. The Research AREA of Trieste. Publicity brochure. April 1992
  3. Biggin S. Newly computerised library at your service. ICTP Newsletter, ICTP publication, Nov 1994
  4. Biggin S. Radiocommunications, Brochure, ICTP-UNESCO, May 1998
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  11. Biggin S. (managing ed. and author) Publicity CD-ROM. ICS - Transferring technology. United Nations Industrial Dev. Org., Pub. Logo2000, July 2000
  12. Biggin S. Publicity CD card - ICS Today. United Nations Industrial Dev. Org., June 2001
  13. Biggin S. Technology Transfer for Development. ICS-UNIDO booklet, Aug 2002, Trieste, Italy
  14. Biggin S. Programme for Sustainable Development. ICS-UNIDO pamphlet, Aug 2002, Trieste, Italy
  15. Biggin S. ICS-UNIDO web site, Dec 2002, Trieste, Italy
  16. Biggin S. Abingdon Naturalists Society web site, July 2004
  17. Biggin S. University of Padua, Italy, lecturer Garbisa's web site, www.bio.unipd.it/~garbisa/, April 2006
  18. Biggin S. Tenby and District Arts Club web site, May 2013
  19. Biggin S. Tenby Friendship Club web site, July 2013